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Sunday, February 26, 2012

“For Reasons of Their Own” -book by Ramachandran C.N.

New book; released on Feb. 6, 2012

 “For Reasons of Their Own”:  A Study of Authors, Texts and Issues          
  with Particular Reference to Kannada Literature  

-Ramachandran C.N.


A)           Part One:
1)“For Reasons of Their Own:”  The Image of the ‘West’  in the Colonial Period: 1-14
     2) “ A Playwright in Search of Metaphors”:  Modern Kannada Theatre And Girish  
          Karnad: 14-54
     3) “In Search of Shivapura’:  Chandrashekhara Kambar: Poet-Playwright: 55-89
    4)  Raja Rao: the ‘Indian’ Writer in English : 89-103
    5)   C. D. Narasimhaiah and the Formulation of ‘Indian Sensibility’ : 104-120
    6) “Cultural Hegemony”: T. N. Shreekanthaiah and Bh¹rat»ya K¹vya M»m¹se : 121-132
    7)  Pampa’s Poetics: A Reconsideration of  Pampa’s Adipurana: 132-146
    8)  ‘The Empire Lingers On’: A Note on the Rushdie Phenomenon : 147-157

B)  Part Two: 
9)  Impact of Tagore on Kannada Literature: 158-177
10)  The R¹m¹yana-Tradition,  with Particular Reference to Kuvempu & Moily:178-204
11)  Myths and Modern Kannada Literature: 204-219
    12)  ‘Yes, but . . . ‘: Responses to Colonialism and Early Kannada Novels: 219-243
    13)  The Concept of Deviation in Sanskrit, Russian and Chinese Formalist theories: 244-260
    14)  “ The Apoha Theory and Deconstruction,” A Note: 261-270:   
    15)   ‘Self-consuming Art’:  Notes on Translation from Kannada to English: 271-287

C :  Part Three:
    16) “Jhug Jayen, Varta Aage Ha”:  Oral Versions of the Mahabharata : 288-311
     17)  Performance, Protest and Ambivalence:  Notes on Kananda  Folk Narratives:312-344
     18)  ‘Journey’ and not ‘Destination’:  Female sensibility and Female  Texts: 345-361

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